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Submitter Instructions

Please provide your contact information in case there are any questions during the approval process. If you would like to include a message to the Calendar Administrator, use the "Submission Notes" field. Information in this section will not be published on the public website.


If your event is an ALL DAY event for one day, do the following:

If your event is for specific hours on one day, do this:

If your event goes multiple days consecutively, do this (note how DURATION = 1 day, every day, through Nov 11):

Tips for Event Submission:

  • Submitter information is for internal use only and will not be displayed on the calendar.
  • If you enter a complete address in the Location field, a map will automatically be added to your event page.
  • A name, phone number and email address must be listed in the contact information fields. This information will be displayed on the calendar.
  • The detail image you upload will be displayed on the event page.
  • The notes field can accept basic HTML tags (bold, italic, links, etc.).
  • You may skip the non-required fields that do not apply to your event.

Highlighted Features:

  • The calendar is searchable and you can subscribe to it via RSS
  • Download events to your personal calendar or have events automatically sent to you via email or text message.
  • View all events or choose to see only those in select categories (i.e. Art, Meetings, Films, etc.).