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Wildwood Results
1) Carrie Grindle 26.14
2) Eric Bachar 27.01
3) Matthew Paden 28.16
4) Angela Sample 29.35
5) J-Amy Rice 30.11
6) Patrice Hutt 30.13
7) Jim O'Brien 33.12
8) Tim Johnson 35.1
9) Robert Ray 36.56
10) Heather Kuhlman 37.4
11) Dawn Lowell 38.06
12) Francesca Younkman 38.38
13) Rebecca Paden 39.12
14) Stephanie Ehman 39.5
15) Laurie Beczynski 44.36
16) Mary Everly 46.55
17) Ron Riffle 47.15
18) Crolyn Partin 48
19) Renee Stilwell 51.46
20) Joyce Johnson ---

April Top Ten
1) Carrie Grindle
2) Timothy Johnson
3) Rebecca Paden
4) Anita Hackett
5) Matthew Paden
6) J-Amy Rice
7) Heather Kuhlman
8) Francesca Younkman
9) Patrice Hutt
10) Robert Ray

Upcoming Events

1st - Extra Credit Workout - both gyms
7th - Mandatory Weigh In before closing (Weigh in early if you think you will miss this deadline)
12th - Mandatory Group 5k Run
  6:45 am Wildwood Park Pavilion
  5100 W Central Ave, Toledo, OH 43615
  Family members are welcome to run with you
15th - Wildwood 5k Airs
19th - Wildwood 5k reairs

3rd - Mandatory Group Challenge - Imagination Station
5th - Mandatory Weigh In - last one
6th - Extra Credit Workout - both gyms
13th - Imagination Station Airs
17th - Imagination Station reairs
20th - Live Finale at Super Fitness - Alexis Gym
  5:00 pm - Bring the family, Balloons, Signs, Pon Poms
24th - Finale recap airs
27th - Awards Party - location tba

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Hosted by 13abc's Kelly Heidbreder
Free Monthly Group Workouts

Work out at Super Fitness on the first Tuesday of every month. You will receive one point of extra credit for this workout, so make sure you wear your contestant t-shirt and check in with the desk when you arrive. We want to keep you on track and in contact with a trainer, so take advantage of this monthly workout time to connect with them and the other contestants. We have set up a few different workout times at each club so it will be easy for you to work it into your schedule with no excuses.

Even if you are knocked out of the top percentage of contestants later in the competition, we encourage you to continue to come to the free workouts. We always bring someone back from the loser's bracket and I look at your dedication first. It is time! Let's have fun!

Workout Schedule
First Tuesday of every month
Extra Credit given for your workout.
Make sure you sign in at the gym.

Super Fitness Reynolds Gym
8:30 am Yoga
5:45 pm Step & Sculpt

Super Fitness Alexis Gym
8:30 am Total Body Sculpt
5:30 pm Turbo Kick
6:00 pm Water Aerobics

Super Fitness Locations
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