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Event Dates and Times

4/4/2018 - 4/28/2018
Toledo, OH
This is Northwest Ohio’s Premier Non-Event
Designed for caring, community-minded citizens who’d be just as happy to not attend another fundraiser.
GET TICKETS & WIN GREAT PRIZES ON APRIL 28 $25 each, 3 for $50, 7 for $100, 15 for $200.
• Airfare for Two to any of 3 Florida destinations (T-LC Port Authority)
• Two-night stay at downtown Toledo’s Renaissance Hotel
• Throw out the First Pitch at a Mud Hens Game!
• Cedar Point passes
• Toledo Zoo Family Membership
• Stranahan Theatre Tickets
• Sesame Street Show at Huntington Center
• A Case of fine California Wine (Heidelberg Distributing)
• Gift Certificates to Georgio’s Café International
• Other fine restaurants and much more!
You Can Help Us Change That With a NO SHOW Ticket or 3 or 7. 100% of proceeds from the NO SHOW GALA™ will support SeaGate Food Bank’s ongoing crusade to eliminate childhood hunger. Your donation will fund not only food distribution, but three SeaGate Food Bank programs created to address the unique needs of children---Help Me Grow™, Milk Money for KIds™ and the Eat Right Academy™.
Follow this link to purchase your tickets now:
Cheri Dennis
419 244 6996 | 476270843

Midwest Parafest

Event Dates and Times

4/7/2018 - Starts: 9:00 AM - Ends: 7:00 PM
Toledo Yacht Club, 3900 Summit Street, Toledo Oh
For information, please contact: Chad Dye / 313-405-3080 or Heather Hansen / 313-330-5754 or PARANORMAL CONFERENCE TO BE HELD AT HISTORIC TOLEDO YACHT CLUB APRIL 7 TH 2018 Celebrity Speakers, Vendors, and Food Trucks will provide entertainment and information for guests during this all-day convention to kick-off the 2018 paranormal season.
TOLEDO, Ohio. –Erie Shores Paranormal, of Monroe, Michigan, hosts the first annual Midwest Parafest at the historic Toledo Yacht Club on April 7, 2018. This event brings an incredible line-up of celebrity speakers, authors, and psychic/mediums to educate and enlighten the public about the paranormal field. During the event, attendees have the chance to meet television celebrities such as KJ McCormick (Ghost Hunters), John E. L. Tenney (Unsolved Mysteries, Paranormal Lockdown), Chip Coffey (Paranormal State, Kindred Spirits), and the Klinge Brothers (Ghost Lab). Authors, scientists, and researchers will present topics on UFOs, hauntings, psychic ability, and more. For a donation to the Lost Limbs Foundation, visitors can take a picture with the original Hanna-Barbera Mystery Machine, sponsored by Schall Automotive of Monroe. The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult will set up its unique collection of paranormal items from around the world. Anyone brave enough can even hold and interact with the curiosities on display. A wide variety of vendors will be selling almost anything you could desire in the paranormal world. Hand -crafted dolls, crocheted creatures, jewelry, crystals, talking boards, personalized energy paintings, and so much more will be available. Get questions answered by psychics and mediums who will offer one-on-one readings. There will also be several authors signing copies of their books. If you’re hungry, J’s Smokehouse and Nutritious Nelle will be serving up their best food-truck fare. The Midwest Parafest is sponsored by Eagle Security Services of Detroit, Schall Automotive of Monroe, Michigan Paranormal Association, Life Spirits Paranormal, Portal Paranormal Society, Michigan State Paranormal Investigations, Carey Area Paranormal Research Society/Southeast CAPRS, Michigan Ghost Watchers, Saginaw Area Paranormal System, Holland Ohio Paranormal Society, Monroe Escape Rooms, Ghost Hunters of Ohio Lucas County, Paranormal Unity Center, Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations, Toledo Ohio Ghost Hunters Society, Bumps in the Night Paranormal Research Group, Deb Lantz Psychic Medium, and Lawrence Technology Services / PC Pickup. The first ever Midwest Parafest will be held at the historic and haunted Toledo Y acht Club 3900 Summit St, Toledo Ohio, Saturday April 7, 2018. Approximately 300 guests are projected to attend. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @ ShoresErie, and watch our evidence on Y ouTube! For additional public information, visit or call 313-405-3080.
Chad Dye 313-405-3080 | 476269153

Murder is a Fine Art: A Murder Mystery Dinner

Event Dates and Times

4/7/2018 - Starts: 6:00 PM - Ends: 10:00 PM
The Underground at Collingwood Arts Center, Toledo, OH 43620
Harvey House presents:

Murder is a Fine Art: A Murder Mystery Dinner

Libby LaBelle, art critic for the influential "Graphic News," used her vitriolic columns to destroy the careers of many artists. A good review from Libby meant instant success. A bad review could signal the end of the line for the career of even the most talented individual.

And, Libby didn't limit her critiques to the art world. She'd regularly write scathing comments about the events she'd attended, panning the planning as well as the cuisine and wine selections. That's why, over the years, her list of eminent enemies grew. She was loved by her adoring fans and hated by the targets of her poisonous prose.

When it was announced that impressionist artist Pete Casso was to preview an upcoming exhibit at the Creative Connection Art Gallery, Libby made a point of letting everyone know she'd be there to, once again, pen a negative review of Casso's latest masterpiece.

Who would have suspected that the review would never be printed? For, in the middle of an acerbic attack on both the artwork and the occasion, Libby collapsed in a heap on the floor of the gallery, her worrisome word processor silenced forever.

Did someone take the opportunity to do away with her explosive expletives? And, what past unknown indiscretions could have prompted the passion? It would take a palette of investigative skills to solve the case and identify the murderer.

Join us at The Underground, inside of the Collingwood Arts Center, 2413 Collingwood Blvd, Toledo, OH 43620 beginning at 6pm for a dinner and a fun night out.

Cocktail hour beginning at 6pm. Dinner is served promptly at 645pm, with the mystery to follow.

$50 per couple, includes a buffet dinner (grilled chicken, mostaccioli), with potato, vegetable and salad. Cash bar available. $30 for a single ticket.

Please note this event is 18+.

Proceeds benefit Harvey House, a drop-in center for LGBTQ+ youths in Toledo. Find out more at
Kristen Angelo, | 471769284


Event Dates and Times

4/7/2018 - Starts: 12:00 PM - Ends: 4:00 PM
TERESA FELSKE 419-885-3558 | 470745943

Think Tank Workshops - Light Switch

Event Dates and Times

1/27/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
1/28/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
2/3/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
2/4/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
2/10/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
2/11/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
2/17/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
2/18/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
2/24/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
2/25/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
3/3/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
3/4/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
3/10/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
3/11/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
3/17/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
3/18/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
3/24/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
3/25/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
3/31/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
4/1/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
4/7/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
4/8/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
4/14/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
4/15/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
4/21/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
4/22/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
4/28/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
4/29/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
5/5/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
5/6/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
5/12/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
5/13/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
5/19/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
5/20/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
5/26/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
5/27/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
6/2/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
6/3/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
6/9/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
6/10/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
6/16/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
6/17/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
6/23/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
6/24/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
Toledo, Ohio
If they are craving a deeper level of engagement they can sign up for a workshop hosted inside the Think Tank. Think Tank Workshops allow them to use real tools, familiar materials and lots of freedom to explore their own ideas.
This month in Think Tank they can explore Drag n’ Drop Coding. Computer programming sounds scary but it doesn’t have to be. They have an MIT-developed program that teaches the fundamental principles of logic and computer programming in a fun and creative way. If they can do a puzzle, they can learn to program their own cartoon short or maybe a video game. The possibilities are more extensive than they might imagine.
Be sure to stop by the Think Tank Workshops every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm.
Learn more and register at:
Emily Garcia, 419-244-2674