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The Diviners Play

Event Dates and Times

4/20/2018 - Starts: 7:30 PM
4/21/2018 - Starts: 7:30 PM
4/22/2018 - Starts: 4:00 PM
Maumee Valley Country Day School, 1715 S. Reynolds Rd., Toledo, OH
Maumee Valley’s Drama department will present four performances of The Diviners by Jim Leonard Jr., in the round, with the audience on all sides at their Millhon Auditorium. Show dates are: Thursday, April 19, Friday, April 20, and Saturday, April 21 at 7:30 pm and Sunday, April 22 at 4:00 pm. Tickets are $8 for students (any age) and $10 for adults. Presale tickets are available at There will be a few tickets available at the door.

This marvelously theatrical play is the story of a disturbed young man and his friendship with a disenchanted preacher in southern Indiana in the early 1930s. The young man is deathly afraid of water after nearly drowning as a boy, in an accident that took the life of his mother. The preacher, set on breaking away from a long line of Kentucky family preachers, is determined not to do what he does best. As a result, he works as a mechanic for the boy’s father. The town doesn’t have a preacher and the women try to persuade him to preach – while he tries to persuade the child to wash. When the preacher finally gets the boy in the river and is washing him, the townspeople mistake the scene for a baptism. In a tragic turn of events, they descend upon the scene and, in the confusion, the boy drowns.
Melissa Kuhl,, 419-381-1313 | 476268253

Super Dash

Event Dates and Times

4/21/2018 - Starts: 1:00 PM - Ends: 4:00 PM
BG Community Center: Bowling Green, Ohio
On Saturday April 21, 2018 Boys & Girls, ages 3 to 14 can get dressed up as their favorite superhero or invent their own then run through our new Obstacle Course Trail located behind the BG Community Center at 1245 W Newton Road. As the kids complete each obstacle they will receive “badges” recognizing their super accomplishments. Kids will also have super sized fun at our family Hero Festival where they will get to do crafts, play games, participate in contests, listen to live music, and have a post run snack!. For more detailed information, please visit our website at or our facebook page at as the date gets closer. Registration opens March 2, 2018. Registration fee includes race & t-shirt for youth participant. Adults can also purchase an event shirt for an additional $8.
$15 Resident/$18 Nonresident if registered by Friday March 30th
$25 Resident/$28 Nonresident if registered after Friday March 30th
Adult event shirt $8

Visit for information on how to register or to print off a registration form. Checks should be made out to BGPR Foundation. Register by check/money order by mailing Registration Form & payment to BGPR Foundation, 1291 Conneaut Avenue, Bowling Green, OH 43402 or register in person by cash and check (NO CREDIT CARD) at either the BG Community Center (1245 W Newton Road, Bowling Green, OH 43402) or Simpson Building (1291 Conneaut Avenue, Bowling Green, OH 43402)

Credit Card payments will only be accepted through the website Users will have to create a free account, search for BG Parks & Rec Super Dash and register through the website. A service fee will be charged by the website.

-Festival begins at 1:00pm. Festival activities to include games, contests, music, and crafts. Festival is open to all and runs from 1:00pm-4:00pm.
-Race Day Registration & Check-in begins at 2:00pm
-Races begin at approximately 2:45pm.
-The race takes place at the Obstacle Course Trail located behind the BG Community Center at 1245 W Newton Road, in Bowling Green.
-Participants must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and must have parents sign a waiver.
-This is an obstacle course race but also a non-timed fun run where parents and children have the option of having child skip any obstacles they are not comfortable with or are unable to do.
-All pre-registered youth race participants will be guaranteed a shirt. A limited number of shirts will be available for race day entries. Additional shirts may be ordered after the race if we do not have your size.
-Runners are encouraged to dress appropriate to the theme (optional but highly suggested!!). We will be holding various costume related contests as part of the theme. Visit for more information.
-Race will be held rain or shine and only cancelled in extreme circumstances.
-All finishers will receive a photo frame to decorate with badges earned and their post race photo.
-For more information, please contact Ivan Kovacevic at (419) 354-6223 or
-Any revenue generated by this event will be applied to BG Camps for Kids program and future development of the BG Obstacle Course Trail that this
event will be taking place at.
-IMPORTANT: Because the race has several mud and water related obstacles,. all participants MUST bring a change of shoes if they plan on entering the Community Center for any reason. Outdoor hose off station will be available.
Ivan Kovacevic | 470745943

Think Tank Workshops - Light Switch

Event Dates and Times

1/27/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
1/28/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
2/3/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
2/4/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
2/10/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
2/11/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
2/17/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
2/18/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
2/24/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
2/25/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
3/3/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
3/4/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
3/10/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
3/11/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
3/17/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
3/18/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
3/24/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
3/25/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
3/31/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
4/1/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
4/7/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
4/8/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
4/14/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
4/15/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
4/21/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
4/22/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
4/28/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
4/29/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
5/5/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
5/6/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
5/12/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
5/13/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
5/19/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
5/20/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
5/26/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
5/27/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
6/2/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
6/3/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
6/9/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
6/10/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
6/16/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
6/17/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
6/23/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
6/24/2018 - Starts: 2:00 PM
Toledo, Ohio
If they are craving a deeper level of engagement they can sign up for a workshop hosted inside the Think Tank. Think Tank Workshops allow them to use real tools, familiar materials and lots of freedom to explore their own ideas.
This month in Think Tank they can explore Drag n’ Drop Coding. Computer programming sounds scary but it doesn’t have to be. They have an MIT-developed program that teaches the fundamental principles of logic and computer programming in a fun and creative way. If they can do a puzzle, they can learn to program their own cartoon short or maybe a video game. The possibilities are more extensive than they might imagine.
Be sure to stop by the Think Tank Workshops every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm.
Learn more and register at:
Emily Garcia, 419-244-2674