APP helps parents track kids phones without invading privacy

The app is called Parentwise and it tells you where your kids are, where they go and if they're not where they're supposed to be, you get a text alert. It was developed and launched this week by Steve Horst, President of Universal Marketing and Parentwise. "I had extreme frustration when I read articles about kids being taken advantage of across the country," says Horst, who is a parent of 3 young children. "I felt with my connections in the direct marketing world, I was in a unique position to pull this together," says Horst.

"It's broken up into 3 different categories, tracking your kids location, their app usage and who your kids talk too. As soon as you scroll over the name of the person in the pie chart, you click on it and you will see the person they're talking to and how much time they spend on the phone with them," says Horst.

The app does not allow you to see your kids conversations, read text messages, or view the pictures sent on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. "That's what makes this app different." says Horst, "Our software does not allow you to hack into your kids accounts, which maintains their privacy, while allowing you to keep tabs on their activity."

The app costs $10 a month with an additional 5 dollars per phone.