Activists join hands to save the Great Lakes

TOLEDO, OH (WTVG) - Activists from around the Great Lakes are coming together this fourth of July to save the Great Lakes.

Groups lined the lake shore and rivers that lead into the Great Lakes Monday morning urging everyone to work toward change.

In Toledo, a dozen people from various groups took part, standing hand in hand across a portion of the Martin Luther King Jr. bridge.

It's part of a national movement called "All hands on deck." The idea is to get everyone to take the time to think about how to protect our fresh water.

Markie Miller, is part of the grassroots group, "Toledoans for safe water." They are working to get voter support to put a charter amendment on the ballot that essentially gives Lake Erie the same rights as a person, making it easier for the public to go to court and fight for the Lake.

Miller says they have a goal of obtaining 13,000 signatures and are about 25% of the way to the goal.

Miller and many other activists say the change can start small and are encouraging everyone to try and determine how they use water daily and ways to conserve and protect.

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