Are there $9 million more for Toledo roads?

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - The 13abc I-Team looking into Toledo tax payer dollars. More specifically, are there 9 million more that can be spent on roads? There's lots of debate on whether there are or are not.

Thursday the Toledo city council committee focused on finances did not talk about it to the surprise of many.

"Discussion has been circulating around about monies that may possibly been found or not found. Or have been noticed or known. There will not be a discussion about this because there is a process in place and until we hear from that committee as to what those fund are or what they mean or what they are designated for, there will be no conversation," said Toledo city councilman Larry Sykes.

"Every festival I've been to the last couple of weeks, that's the question. Show me the money. Jerry Maguire. Show me the money," said Toledo city councilman Rob Ludeman.

"Everyone has been saying something and no one knows nothing so at this point until we have the committee that was appointed to go through this and find out, we're not having a discussion," said Sykes.

Even the mayor's office won't detail the dollars until after an audit due June 30th.

"Right now it is not complete. So I'm not going to discuss preliminary numbers. That are not final numbers,” said Toledo finance director George Sarantou.

13abc asked Sarantou, regardless of what the amount is, could those dollars be used for roads

“What I know is the audit is ongoing and we will have all of those questions answered on June 30th," said Sarantou.