Blanchard River Crest Has Been Lowered (UPDATE)

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FINDLAY, Ohio (WTVG) - UPDATE: 1:30 P.M. Friday:

The Good News: The Blanchard River could be at its crest currently. If not, we are very close. The river has remained steady at 16.53' (feet) since 11am. That is high enough for fifth all time, wedged between floods in 1959 and 2008.

The Bad News: The latest river projection has the river falling at a much slower rate. The river may stay above flood stage until late Sunday afternoon.

Update: 10:45pm Thursday

As mentioned below, the expected crest for the Blanchard River in Findlay has dropped a bit (Good News!). The river is currently at 15.5' and rising very slowly. The NWS is now forecasting the crest to hit 16.5' early Friday morning. I'm still seeing signals that the crest may be lowered...closer to 16'. The river should quickly fall below flood stage by Friday night.

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-Chief Meteorologist Jay Berschback
Update: 6pm Thursday

The chance of heavy rain has ended. That's great news for just about everyone, especially those that live/on the Blanchard River. The forecast from the National Weather Service has the Blanchard cresting around 17 feet Friday morning. Some of the newest information suggests the crest may be a bit below this forecast, but we'll have to wait and see where the river is later this evening before adjusting the forecast.

The heaviest rain fell in Hancock, Seneca and Wyandot Counties last night with reports of 3"-4" if a few areas. The majority of the area only received .1"-.5" of rain.

Dry, cooler and less humid weather is on the way for the next several days with just a few non-severe showers and storms expected Sunday.

-Chief Meteorologist Jay Berschback
The National Weather Service projects the Blanchard River in Findlay will crest at 17 feet. That is expected to happen late Friday morning.

It would marks the fourth highest level for the river ever recorded. The river reached 18.46 feet back in 2007, causing massive flooding in Findlay.

The record-keeping goes back more than 100 years.

At that level, the National Weather Service expects the following:

17' FEMA 0.2 percent flood level. Major flooding in Findlay.

16' FEMA 1 percent flood level. Widespread evacuations needed in the City of Findlay. The highways that are impacted include U.S. 68 on the south side.

15' Several businesses impacted downtown, with many roads near the river closed. County Road 236 to State Route 568 inundated. The following streets are likely to be flooded, Main Cross Street from Western to Township Road 180, Broad Street, streets along Eagle Creek from Central to Rockside and streets along Lye Creek from Wedgewood to Strong Avenue.

14.5' Major flooding. The city is split in half by flood waters inhibiting travel in and out of the city.

14' Major flooding. As much as half the town inundated with flood waters. Several homes and businesses impacted.

13.5' Major flooding blocking Martin Luther King Parkway and Blanchard Avenue. Several other low lying roads flooded along the river. Travel in and out of the city becomes difficult.

13' Floodwaters impact East Sandusky Street, Main Cross Street, Blanchard Road, Clinton Court, and many other streets near the Blanchard River. Backwater will affect residents living along Eagle and Lye Creeks.

12' Water impacts River Street and Apple Alley on the west side of Findlay, Blanchard Street between Sandusky and Main Cross, and several streets south of Clinton Court near Riverside Park.
11' Flooding impacts areas near Riverside Park and East Main Cross Street in the City of Findlay.

10' Water reaches East Main Cross Street near Lye Creek.

9' Flooding occurs on low lying roads along the river west of Findlay, including County Road 140.

8' Water covers low lying portions of South River Road and Howard Street on the west side of Findlay.