Brides are frantic after bridal store abruptly closes

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- Thursday night, Alfred Angelo workers in Lincoln, Nebraska put up a closed sign on the doors, leaving many brides scrambling for what to do next.

People who left the store on Thursday night said it was closing for good at 8 p.m. Store employees would not comment.

One woman, who went to pick up a bridesmaid dress, said she was told Alfred Angelo employees found out Thursday morning the company was filing for bankruptcy, and would close starting Friday.

Some brides drove from more than an hour away to try and pick up their wedding and bridesmaid dresses before the store closed.

Josie Moore saw on Facebook about the store closing, so she called her mother, who said she went to the store as fast as she could.

"They told me that the dress was already shipped, to, I guess to her address. So, I'm hoping that's true," said Holly Hershberger, mother of the bride.

Moore's dress had multiple alterations because she's in a wheelchair. Her mom said the store did a great job on the dress, however,
they haven't seen it for months. Their bridesmaids dresses were paid for, but not at the store.

"And when I asked her what we do about the bridesmaids dresses she said, 'Well, we can't answer that right now,'" said Hershberger.

Another bride said she also saw the Facebook post and frantically made her way to the store. Her dress is already finished, but not her bridesmaids' dresses.

"I have six girls, and four of them don't have their dresses yet. So they shipped three of them out and one girl is not getting a dress that matches us. So, we had to find her a new dress. Thankfully it's the same color. But it's not the same design." said Michaela Wilcox.

Wilcox said she's upset with what's happened, but also feels bad for the local shop and their employees.

"They just found out that they're losing their job but they were very helpful. And I'm sure they've had a lot of crazy brides today calling and complaining. But they said it's not their fault. They said they just found out this morning also. So, they've been super busy," said Wilcox.

All of the brides and family members who talked to Gray-TV affiliate KOLN, said they found out via social media and had heard nothing from the store.

The store manager had no comment.

Lincoln Police confirmed they had three officers respond to the store on Thursday at 7:35 p.m. after an employee from the store called. The store employees reported brides were on scene causing a disturbance and making threats because they weren't going to get their dresses. The officers deescalated the situation and it was resolved with no enforcement action taken.

The store did provide an email address for people who didn't make it on Thursday before the doors closed at 8 p.m.

The address is,

The email address is for Patricia Redmond. She is listed as having extensive experience in bankruptcy filings, particularly chapter 11.

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