Bullet shot through windshield injuring man while driving

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NORTHWEST OHIO (WTVG) - A driver and his two passengers were on their way to Chicago when a simple trip turned into an almost deadly one.

"I picked up a train crew in North Baltimore, Ohio and was taking them to their train in Chicago," said Dan Ray.

They were on the Ohio Turnpike near the Wauseon exit around 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday when Ray had to cut his trip short.

"We heard this loud bang and glass just shattered all over me," added Ray. "I looked in the mirror at my nose and then I looked over here and I thought well what's that in here?"

It was a bullet he said he found inside the vehicle.

Ray doesn't know if the bullet grazed his nose or glass from when his glasses shattered cut his nose. He went to the hospital shortly after the incident and is home recovering.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is investigating if a hunter may have been involved with shooting a weapon that went through Ray's windshield.

"I hate wearing glasses, but this is one day I'm glad I had them on because if I had not had the glasses on that thing would have took out my eye or maybe even killed me," added Ray.

Dan is shaken up and said he has had emotional moments since the incident. He has these words for the shooter.

"What were you thinking? I mean you're firing a weapon here and you didn't think about the highway or anything like that?"

13abc expects to learn more about the shooter from the ODNR on Wednesday.