City considers changes to notifying pet owners when animals are found dead

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The City of Toledo is looking at ways to improve its response when someone reports a pet has been killed by a car.

A city spokesperson confirms a report from The Blade that a Chihuahua was hit by a car and killed in East Toledo back in July. At that time, the animal's remains were taken to a landfill. The owners were not able to bury their pet or keep its ID tags. Someone who witnessed the dog get hit did leave a note for its owners.

A city spokesperson says Engage Toledo normally handles calls when animals are hit and killed. The organization sends a service truck the clear the remains and report the call as completed.

The city says, if the service truck is close enough, it will take the animal to the landfill for disposal. If that animal has ID tags and a collar, the city says it tries to remove them and hold them for the owner for a short time,

The city is set to meet with Lucas County Canine Care and Control this week. Carrie Hartman, a spokesperson for the City of Toledo, says the meeting is, "to discuss making improvements to our current procedure so we can contact pet owners in a timely and compassionate manner."