Dakoda Rogers sister speaks out about his murder.

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The sister of a murder victim is speaking out about the senseless killing of her brother. Dakoda Rogers was gunned down last week in the South Toledo.

"My kids absolutely loved him. I have four younger children. He was most definitely and uncle with and he loved all of them," said the victim's sister Kelsey Rogers.

Kelsey Rogers wiped away tears as she remembered her brother Dakoda Rogers. He was shot and killed near South and Spencer.
She says Thanksgiving wasn't the same without Dakoda.

"Just trying to keep it together for my mom. I miss him coming into the kitchen when I'm cooking and grandma coming into the kitchen and pinching my arm saying make it good make it good. He loved macaroni and cheese. He loved food. It's just really really been hard. It's been really hard," said Rogers.

Police have no motive for the deadly shooting. The victim's sister broke down in tears as she talked about the bound Dakoda had with his nieces and nephews.

"Miss him coming in my house and my kids running and screaming from him because he would always grab a hold of them and pinch them. My kids always called him pinchy pinch. I'm always going to miss that," said Rogers.

She called the crime senseless.

"Nobody will ever understand, but I know there's other families in the Toledo area that have lost a lot of people to gun violence and it's not right. If anyone knows anything please. Someone please speak up. Someone please say something," said Kelsey Rogers.

Toledo's recorded 37 murders so far this year. Kelsey Rogers says she hopes justice is served in her brother's case soon. Her family is working to bury Dakoda.

"If anyone can help donate that would be well appreciated to my mom. Especially this time of year. It's hitting her pretty hard. I know he was my brother, but I can't imagine having to bury a child," said Rogers.

Detectives have not made any arrests in the case. The family has set up a memorial fund at PNC bank in the name of Dakoda Rogers for funeral expenses. You can also contact Castillo Funeral home on Tremainsville to donate.