Early Voting starts Tuesday in Lucas County

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TOLEDO (13abc, Action News) - Let's face it, primary elections traditionally see low voter turnout.

Giving people a chance to vote early doesn't necessarily mean *more people* will vote, and Lucas County doesn't even argue that.

LaVera Scott, the director of the Lucas County Board of Elections says early voting, "definitely has increased the number of people that have voted absentee."

But Scott knows while that may not translate into more voters those who do come out to the polls need to be confident their votes count.

In the last primary before early voting started (2007) 7.3% of registered voters cast ballots.

During the last odd-year primary (2015) which did have early voting, turnout was only 9.3% and that increase may been related to a marijuana ordinance on the ballot.

But every vote cast is important and a dozen staffers received last minute instructions Monday about helping you early vote this year.

In Lucas County, only the mayor's race and the 6-at large council races are on the ballot.

But when the machines are unwrapped in the morning, feel confident in knowing staff can help and your vote will be counted.

Scott says, "The only thing is you're casting your ballot early but its not counted until election day."

There are 22-early voting days until primary election day.

Hours are 8 a-m to 5 p-m at the early voting center at 1301 Monroe St.

The only weekend hours is the weekend before primary day.

And early voting runs through September 11th.

Turnout may not be great but every vote is important and Lucas County is ready.

Scott anticipates only 750 voters will take advantage of early voting.

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