Families learn about the solar eclipse at Lourdes University

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SYLVANIA (WTVG) - People wanting to learn more about the solar eclipse attended a family-friendly show at Lourdes University on Thursday.

It was a visually stunning virtual show at the Appold Planetarium.

Dr. Laura Megeath, the Coordinator of the Appold Planetarium taught a few dozen people how and why the solar eclipse happens.

"When the earth, the moon, and the sun form a straight line in space the moon's shadow falls on earth," said Dr. Megeath. If you can be in the darkest part of the moon's shadow you see a total solar eclipse. If you're in the outer part you get a partial solar eclipse."

Dr. Megeath said local individuals can stay closer to home in seven years. The darkest part of the moon's shadow is going to pass very close to Toledo in April of 2024.