Firefighters were challenged by water problems during a house explosion

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) It's hard to see anything good about this picture.

"It was a blessing we were not hurt and we just have to start over," said fire victim Teshauna Issac.

Teshauna Issac remains grounded after her neighbors house exploded. The raging inferno caught the home she was renting on fire and it completely burned up an elderly couples house and cars. The city had to tear down the homes.

"It's material things so you can get them again. The best thing out of all this is nothing but the grace of God that kept us alive. You have two other houses that burned completely down," said fire victim Teshauna Issac.

This is cell phone video from a 13abc viewer who caught the glow of orange as it lit up the sky. Dozens of Toledo firefighters battled the raging fire. Firefighters admit they had problems with a water hydrant.

"The case on Woodland we were dealing with a six inch main and with the volume of fire that we were battling we were drawing for several hydrants and many times that can push the availability of water low which happened there," said Toledo fire Lt. Matt Hertzfeld.

Fire units had to hook up from a block or two away to get water.
Investigators are probing what caused the explosion. In the meantime this mother of two hopes her renters insurance will cover what was destroyed.

"What we loss and whether the insurance cover it our not we'll get it again or it wasn't meant for us to have it or we'll have better than what we have," said Issac.

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