Gibsonburg may get medical marijuana growing facility

GIBSONBURG (13abc Action News) Toledo is not the only community where medical marijuana could soon be grown and cultivated. The village of Gibsonburg has a plan on the table as its investors wait to see whether the license will be approved.

The site is located in a village owned industrial park on Commerce drive near East Madison and County Road 66 in Gibsonburg.
The plan on the table now to start is to sell to the investors 20 acres of land with options to buy more. In fact the entire industrial site owned by the village is about 65 acres.

Mayor Steve Fought says he was impressed with the plan from these investors to grow and produce medical marijuana in the village.

"It was extremely robust, well thought out, very well planned, detailed. They had all their ducks in a row. They knew exactly what they were going after," said Gibsonburg Mayor Steve Fought.

Fought says the investors, Standard Wellness Company LLC, say they'll spent 50 million dollars in the next 10 years on things like payroll, construction and community initiatives.

"Gibsonburg is about moving forward. It's just a credit to that attitude and that philosophy that someone from far away sees that and believes in that," said Gibsonburg Village Administrator Marc Glotzbecker.

"We threw it up on a whiteboard, we tried to throw darts in it and there were just no negatives. It was evident very evident early on that there was no downside to this," said Fought.

"I was against it because it's a drug and of course it's going to be abused," said Gibsonburg resident Robert Valle. He lives very close to the property. "I thought it was nuts. I thought I'd like to move out of here. That was my first impulse, that I just had to get away."

Mayor Fought sees it different, he's say the facility will be discreet, won't advertise what's happening here and will be very safe.

The security standards so are stringent that the state is requiring a 24 hour live video feed from this location to Columbus. So at any point someone in the state house could be watching what's happening in Gibsonburg.

"We've been working with a great group of investors. Guys that believe in Gibsonburg and want to be here. They've shown they want to be a positive part of this community," said Fought.

“What's grown here in Gibsonburg will not be able to be purchased in Gibsonburg. Village leaders have put a ban on dispensaries.

So far an exact amount those investors would pay for the property is not being released. There are some tax abatements but they are pre-negotiated at a county level at what's called an enterprise zone, where the facility would sit.

The company still wanting to see whether the state will approve its license.