Group offers safe rides home this St. Patrick's Day


BOWLING GREEN, Oh (WTVG) - For the last four years, volunteers with Safe Communities of Wood County have hit the streets to make sure party-goers get home safe. This St. Patrick's Day, as thousands of people go out to enjoy a Jig's Dinner and a green beer, those volunteers will be waiting.

"We have four vans this year," Sandy Wiechman, coordinator, Safe Communities of Wood County said. "Go out and have a great time, just call us."

It's all part of a joint effort with the Ohio State Highway Patrol and other Wood county law enforcement agencies. Starting Friday evening, you can call and a driver will come to you and get you home.

Troopers will also be out in full force, on what they say could be the busiest night of the year.

"In a 24-hour period, this might be one of the busiest 24 hours I've seen in 17 years," Lt. William Bowers, Ohio State Highway Patrol said.

Bowers says last year, more than 400 people died in OVI related crashes in Ohio. Two were on St. Patrick's Day.

"We will be out trying to make sure that number is zero this year," Lt. Bowers told 13abc.

If you want a ride home, call 419-823-7765. This is for anyone who lives in Bowling Green.