High water in Findlay is slowly receding

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FINDLAY (WTVG) - Dealing with flooding is by no means a first for many residents in Findlay. When it floods, people who live in Hancock County are prepared.

Although, with years of dealing with water-logged devastation, it's not something people get used to.

"I can't imagine what it's like to know that it's coming and you can do absolutely nothing about it," said David Draper.

"I had to go down Blanchard and get in the water," said Kody Monday. "It was at least up to my belly."

People in Findlay remember the flood of 2007, and said this flood doesn't compare. However, this isn't how people planned on enjoying July.

"In 07 it was much much worse," added Draper. "There are neighborhoods in this one that have never seen flooding before and for those people this is much much worse."

From downtown Findlay to the opposite end of the city there are areas people might not recognize. The baseball field at Rawson Park has turned into a pond and Main Street looks like a river.

"I just took a little run to see what kind of disaster was going on[ and] It's crazy out here," said Justin Kerby.

Luckily the high water started to recede significantly on Friday.

"I'm glad to see it drying up a little bit," added Kerby.

The American Red Cross will close its shelter at 339 E. Melrose Ave. Saturday at 5 p.m.