Home explodes on Woodland Avenue

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - An explosion leveled a Toledo home on Sunday and damaged two others.

It happened after midnight in the 300 block of Woodland near Division.

Witnesses reported flames could be seen from miles away.

"It just looked like a big ball of fire you couldn't tell how many homes were on fire,” said resident Clarence Hicks. “You could just see from Nebraska flames shooting up in the air."

Toledo fire and Columbia gas are probing what caused a house to explode.

“It shook the house and also debris hit me,” said Teshauana Issac, who lives next door to the home that blew up. “That's what really made me get up. I was looking for my glasses. I'm trying to grab stuff I had to leave outside with no coat, no shoes, nothing. My son he had no shoes on, he was able to put a coat on."

Fire fighters say nobody was in the home when it exploded because the owners were on vacation.

Neighbors say the explosion shook their homes, rattled their windows and sent debris flying everywhere.

"I felt my house shake. I jumped out of bed i looked out my back window and it looked like the sun was coming up," Issac said.

She said firefighters had trouble with a water hydrant as they tried to battle the flames.

"I know they didn't have enough water to do what they needed to do for all three houses."

"One of the hydrants wasn't working and the pressure was really low,” Hicks said. “It was extremely cold out here and they had to basically do what they could to fight the fire."

A spokesperson for the Toledo Fire Department told 13abc there were some water pressure issues at the corner of Division and Collingwood.

The hydrant had low pressure, but fire fighters were able to find an additional hydrant in the area.

However, the fire spread to an elderly couple’s home.

"They tore down the main fire building and there was major fire damage to the one next to it," said Captain Jeff Edwards with the Toledo Fire Department.

Two homes were reduced to rubble and the families lost precious pictures and just about everything they owned.

Toledo police charged one person at the scene. Court documents show Terry Collins was cited for allegedly driving around a police car, driving over a fire hose and trying to push his way through fire units fighting the fire.