Icy morning commute keeping crews busy

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - Icy road conditions kept Toledo Police busy Wednesday morning.

Three crashes occurred at Heatherdowns and Cheyenne. A pole was sheared in half at that intersection. The area was shut down to traffic.

Two poles were knocked down at Dorr and Westwood and Toledo Police had to close the intersection.

In Sylvania Township, crews had to direct traffic at Sylvania and Corey after the traffic lights went out there. Police asked that drivers avoid the area until around 10:00 AM.

Police in Sylvania Township also responded to a call for a water main break at Sylvania and Herr. That didn't cause issues for drivers, though.

Another water main break slowed some drivers in Maumee, at the intersection of Ford and Illinois. That main break wasn't severe enough to close the intersection.

Throughout the morning, multiple agencies called for additional ice for the roadways. Vehicles slid off roads in a number of places. Toledo police could only respond to injury accidents for a time. Many city streets were "sheets of black ice" according to multiple police departments.

Around 8:30, Toledo police reported a 6-vehicle crash on N Cove near Upton. No injuries were reported there.