Local Memorials and Observances for 9/11

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Toledo (13abc) There are several opportunities Monday to observe 9/11:

At 8:30 this morning there will be a special ceremony at the Ottawa Hills Memorial Park.

There will be a moment of silence observed this morning at Monroe Road Elementary in Lambertville. That Lambertville observance will happen at 8:46 AM, the time the first hijacked airliner crashed into the World Trade Center.

At 9:00 AM the Toledo Memorial Park will hold a Bell Casting and unveiling ceremony at the park at 6382 Monroe St. In Sylvania.

At 9:00 AM students from Horizon Science Academy's Springfield and Toledo campuses will climb 110 flights of stairs to simulate what first responders had to do at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

At noon, the Toledo Rotary Club will hold a memorial service with the U.S. Border Patrol to honor those who died and served on 9/11.