Local shelter collecting donations for pets affected by Hurricane Harvey

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All the animal rescues in Texas because of Hurricane Harvey have inspired a local shelter to get involved in the massive recovery effort.
The Humane Society of Ottawa County is holding a donation drive for the pets. They're collecting everything from food to bedding. A couple local businesses have pitched in to get all the goods to Texas.

The Humane Society of Ottawa County is a small shelter in Port Clinton. Like most shelters, the humane society struggles to pay the bills for taking care of all the dogs and cats that come in to the facility, but once they saw the horrifying images from Texas, they knew they had to do something to help.

Mary Anne Koebel has been a volunteer for several years and she helped organize the effort,"We saw the video of the hurricane aftermath on the news and realized the immense strain it was causing for pets and people, so we wanted to reach out to them. You want to get in the car and go help the pets and their owners. You want to hug them and give them love. But if you can't make the trip, you can still help these people and their pets though this donation drive. The owners are frantic, they're worried about their animals. We need to get involved now. This is urgent. They have started to recovery efforts. Many people can't get back to their homes some of their animals are in shelters. It is unimaginable what they are going through."

On any given day staff and volunteers care for dozens of abused, abandoned and neglected animals at the shelter. Everyone wanted to extend that kindness to the those dealing with the utter devastation Harvey left in it's wake. Lesa Heredia is the Shelter Manager,"When you go into this kind of work you really can't just focus on one area, you want to reach as far and wide as you can, you want to help as many as you can. You hope to make just a little difference. We also wanted to help people have a way to help the people of Texas. Often times you just don't know what to do. We hope this drive provides a way for people to get involved even if they can't make the trip to Texas."

They're collecting food and supplies."We need everything from leashes and collars to crates, blankets and beds. We are also taking lead ropes and halters for horses. Any bags of food need to be unopened. We are not taking hay or gran for horses right now, but we are hoping to be able to do that on a later run. We have two local businesses that have gotten trucks for this and they take all the items down there."

Lesa is expecting big things from the donation drive, "We have a truly wonderful community and I think there will be a big turn out for this and it makes me proud, proud to be a part of it all."

Lesa says this may just be the beginning, "I am hoping we have the trucks packed full of stuff and have to keep making trips down."

As you heard two businesses have agreed to help get the donations to Texas. Kate and Al's in Gibsonburg and Cocoa Beans in Fremont are providing the trucks to transport all the donations.

If you'd like to get involved with this donation drive, we've posted a link.