No motive or suspect in Toledo's latest murder

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Toledo has recorded 30 murder so far this year. Investigators say that that number is up slightly from this time last year. Police are looking for help solving the city's latest homicide.

"He was so goofy. He could make you laugh. He makes everything a joke. He was so fun and loving," said the victim's sister Jasmine Muhammed.

24 year old Jasmine Muhammed tried to keep a smile on her face when she talked about her brother's sense of humor.

"He was a great big brother. He was always there for me and I knew if anything happened I'd call him and he'd be there," said Muhammed.

Their bond was shattered on Sunday when someone shot and killed her older brother 29 year old Johnny Willet also know as Johnny Jaye. He was gunned down in the 100 block of Emery. According to police they found the front door open, the inside ransacked and evidence of a struggle. Willet's family says someone shot him inside his home before he stumbled outside and yelled for help.

"I was just shook up. I was thinking of my mom and grandma and what happened," said Muhammed.

The victim's sister recalled the last time she spoke to her brother. It was just one day before his death. She was evacuating from Jacksonville Florida before Irma hit.

"He was checking on me because he knew I evacuated. So he was asking where was I and what I was going. I told him that I was at a friends house and we're okay," said Muhammed.

Police believe the 29 year old man's murder is an isolated incident and it's likely he knew the person who shot him. His family is desperate for answers.

"What happened? Why? Why did you do this to him," said Muhammed.

Police have no suspect or motive for the deadly shooting.