Ottawa Hills votes down proposal for Secor road improvements

OTTAWA HILLS, Ohio (13abc Action News) - Secor road will stay the same, at least for now. Ottawa Hills village council decided the proposal from the city of Toledo to make improvements on Secor road wasn't the right fit.

"I don't think it's the right way to go," Jeff Gibbs, Ottawa Hills councilman, said.

"I continue to be very, very strongly opposed to this project," John Lewis, Ottawa Hills councilman, added.

Monday, they made the official decision, voting 4 to 2 to take the proposal off the table.

"I'm delighted that we're not going to mess with the road," Mary Dalby, who lives in Ottawa Hills said.

The plan, which was changed in the last two weeks, including widening the lanes between Central and Bancroft, round-a-bouts and a median. Engineers said those changes would make the drive safer.

But the sticking point from the beginning for a lot of people was what it meant for 12 village homes along Secor. If it had been approved, those homes would have been demolished.

"Demolishing those homes is like tearing up a $4 million annuity and stopping $60,000 a year payments forever," John Card, Save Our Secor, said referring to tax revenue.

Taxpayers hope both sides can now go back to the drawing board to figure out something better. Even though grant money being offered now, won't be available later.

"We need to start from scratch and we need to look at it beyond just an engineering component," Toledo city councilman Tom Waniewski said. "We need to look at it from a residential, neighborhood component."

But it's a notion some say is now too far-fetched because of the cost.

"I think it's totally pie in the sky to think we can go back and do something else," Ottawa Hills mayor Kevin Gilmore said. "I just think it's fantasy land guys."

"I understand that people don't want to do this," Jack Straub, village councilman said. "[But] don't think there's funding for a road in Toledo in the near future, folks."

It's unclear if or when either municipality will come up with a new plan for Secor road.

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