I-75 standoff near Monroe ends peacefully

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MONROE, Michigan (WTVG) - Tense moments on I-75 Thursday morning with traffic coming to a halt. A man in a car threatening to kill himself possibly with police help. But it ended peacefully and the man at the center of it all is in custody.

Lots of people were inconvenienced by the huge backups Thursday morning but for law enforcement this could not have gone any better. The situation was diffused and no one was hurt, more importantly no one killed.

That standoff coming to an end in the southbound lanes of I-75 near Luna Pier and South Otter Creek.

As officers tried to stop the driver fleeing from Oakland County Michigan, near Pontiac. They believed he had a weapon, they believed he was suicidal, they believed he could hurt officers. Officers kept their distance, kept other drivers away. The standoff last almost 7 hours and eventually surrendered peacefully.

"That is the absolute best outcome. It doesn't get any better than that," Lt. Tony Cuevas of the Michigan State Police.

Michigan State Police say communication was key to keeping the situation form escalating.

"That's why we have the negotiation process in place," said Lt. Cuevas.

Police in Oakland County went to the man's home around 4pm after his roommate said he was making suicidal threats. He took off, leading police on a chase than ended here in Monroe County before noon.

"If we're able to resolve a situation without any kind of force, that's exactly what we want," said Lt. Cuevas.

Investigators say at one point the suspect was on Facebook live, during the chase. State Police say that broadcast helped them get some insight into his mental state.