Party chairman lashes out at fellow Democrat running for mayor

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Frank words from the chairman of the Lucas County Democratic Party. Despite his party winning the two top slots in the mayor's race, Chairman Josh Hughes is calling out one of the candidates.

You would expect him to be delighted to have an all- Democrat race for mayor.

But instead, Hughes makes it clear one candidate is stepping out of line, saying, "We go from not having a Democrat in 2013 to having two, although there's really only one true Democrat in this race and it's Paula Hicks-Hudson."

Tough words about a man his party endorsed just last year.

Wade Kapszukiewicz is not making friends with fellow Democrats. He is seen as jumping in line and being disloyal.

Hughes continues, "We're of the opinion that he should finish the job he signed up for just last November and serve is term as Lucas County Treasurer."

Hughes is not shy about supporting the party endorsed candidate, mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson.

But by calling out life-long party member Kapszukiewicz risks splitting the party.

The A-team/B-team divide a decade ago led to the election of independents Mike Bell and Mike Collins.

The Democrats didn't even have a candidate in the Collins race. For his part, Kapszukiewicz sensed now was the time to run.

He told a group of supporters on primary night, "Toledoans are ready to join our fight and follow our plan to break from the past and to look for better days ahead."

But the party chairman says Kapszuikewicz is nothing but an opportunist.

Says Hughes, "Wade is very interested in how Wade Kapszukiewicz will benefit."
Reporter Bill Hormann, "You see him as a selfish candidate?"
Hughes: "I do see him as a selfish candidate."
Reporter: "You think he wouldn't be good for the party or the city?"
Hughes: "That's correct."

13abc talked with Kapszukiewicz late Wednesday afternoon. He says he is not surprised by what Josh Hughes said.

Kapszukiewicz says this election is about more than party, he says it's about the people of Toledo.

He calls himself a threat to the status quo and feels good about his chances given that 62% of voters in the primary did not vote for Paula Hicks-Hudson.

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