Pastor Cordell Jenkins appears in federal court

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) New details in the sex trafficking case involving two local pastors.
Pastor Cordell Jenkins faced a federal judge. Meanwhile his wife Laura Lloyd Jenkins has decided to take a leave of absence from her position on the Lucas County Children Services board.

"I have to ask you if you want to make a comment," asked reporter Alexis Means "Chill out. I'm sorry, but she doesn't want to make a comment. No comment."

It's the first time Pastor Cordell Jenkins wife Laura Lloyd Jenkins has appeared in public. She is the Lucas County administrator. She was out of town on sick and personal time when the FBI arrested her husband. 13abc caught up with her after her husband's federal court hearing. The men walking with her got angry when we asked her to comment on the allegations against her husband.

"Can you shut up! Do you want to make a comment? Do I look like I want to make a comment? No comment, no comment."

Dozens of friends, family, supporters and sex trafficking victims packed the courtroom for his detention hearing. Pastor Jenkins has hired a civil rights attorney out of Detroit to help defend him. He waived his rights to a detention hearing today. His attorney will file a motion for another detention hearing at a later date. People who attended the hearing had mixed emotions.

"I think its' all in God's hands. Its all in Gods hands."

"He's a sick person to do this"

Ele Sondra DeRomano is a survivor of sex trafficking. She now helps other sex trafficking victims. She had strong words for pastor Jenkins and his congregation.

"I also feel that it's bad that his congregation is raising money for him. For what! They're the victims too because they are ignorant. They are not realizing what is going on. So am I very vocal? Yes. Do I care what people think? No. Do I care about the victims? Yes."

The victims are underage. Pastor Anthony Haynes detention hearing was continued. He's also accused of having sex with a minor in exchange for money. His lawyer filed this motion yesterday asking for more time to prepare a defense to why he should not be detained.
Haynes' brother was in the courtroom today for Jenkins hearing. It's not clear if Jenkins wife is standing by his side. The Lucas County administrator has been tight lipped about the federal charges against her husband. Some citizens have a lot of questions.

"Do you plan to resign," asked reporter Alexis Means "Excuse me she doesn't want to make a comment."

Both pastors will remain locked up at the jail. Haynes will face a judge next week. A court date has not been set for Jenkins.

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