Pets stranded by Irma up for adoption in Maumee

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More than 6 million people evacuated Florida in advance of Hurricane Irma. But the animals living in shelters needed a boost.

Before and after Hurricane Irma hit southern Florida there was such a need to get the animals out of the shelters, that now, the Toledo Area Humane Society had to use its overflow room, with 46 dogs and 20 cats brought into the shelter.

“These animals have been through enough,” Stephen Heaven said. “They deserve a little bit of respite.” Heaven is the president and CEO of the Toledo Area Humane Society.

These dogs flew into Columbus, then were driven to Maumee. The dogs spent 19 hours boxed up. Now they're up for adoption.

“Come here, come here” little dog lover Maggie said to her (potential) new best friend.

“They were already in the shelters, spayed, neutered, and ready for adoption. So we're not taking anybody's pets,” Heaven said.

This all stems from lessons Stephen Heaven learned after Katrina.

“What we do now is we empty the shelters in preparation for animals coming in that's have been displaced,” Heaven said.

“You are the sweetest,” potential forever home adopters said of the new arrivals.

These pups and kittens with names like Canberra and Nena made it out just in time.

“The place that we took them from Bradenton, apparently the roof blew off their adoption center,” Heaven said.

Steve says the phones started ringing this weekend with families wanting to adopt. While these dogs and cats may soon be gone, there's always need.

“If the shelters again get overcrowded, we will be taking more in,” Heaven said.

There is no difference in price for these hurricane rescues. It’s a $325 puppy premium price for dogs under 6 months, and $125 for a full grown dog.