Promedica to close some pharmacies and cut jobs

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - 25,000 patients will soon have a new pharmacy and 45 people will be looking for new jobs after a move by Promedica. The company is closing some pharmacy operations and locations.

People will still get their medicine. The prescriptions they need will be available, you may just need to go to a new place and you'll see some new faces helping you.

Promedica has struck a partnership with CVS. That means Promedica will close its four Pharmacy Counter operations and the Flower Hospital outpatient pharmacy.

If you have a prescription at any one of those, your script will be transferred to a nearby CVS, including a soon to be constructed one on Navarre Avenue.

Promedica representatives said Wednesday they're doing this because the retail pharmacy market is changing and they can’t compete with the larger chains like Kroger and Walmart.

This move will mean 45 jobs will be affected. Doctor Neeraj Kanwal says those employees can apply with CVS for jobs or open Promedica positions. These pharmacies serve around 25,000 patients in metro Toledo. So those patients can use a CVS where their files will be transferred or any pharmacy they choose.

Job cuts and closing of pharmacies have many wondering how does the company make these cuts, on the heels of opening a multimillion dollar downtown Toledo location. So the I-Team asked that question, how do those two balance out?

"They're really unrelated, they're unrelated. We make changes, we have a very large portfolio of services. They change, they evolve. This is just a little more public and touches a lot of individuals. But we're always changing our mix of services. Typically adding, sometimes reducing," said Dr. Kanwal.

Promedica will keep diabetes care, counseling programs, the adherence program and programs for hemophilia patients.

Some CVS locations are farther than others. The closest CVS to the closing Flower Hospital pharmacy is over three miles. So if the CVS location isn't close to you or you simply don't want to use a CVS, Promedica representatives say all you need to do is go to the pharmacy you want to use and ask them to transfer the prescription.

We're told that should not interfere with your supply and it won't take long to get that prescription transferred and for you to get the medicine you need.