Three roads Toledo may want to fix

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Earlier this week, Toledo's mayor said she was putting more than $4-million into the road repair budget.

So, what's the general condition of residential roads?

Let's start in south Toledo at East Country Club and Heatherdowns.

You can tell road crews have been here time and time again.

Resident Don Gratop tells 13abc, "All they do is patch and patch and patch. And all the money they put into patching they probably could have put a new street in."

It's a bumpy ride and it needs new curbs and the cracks need sealing.

The city will spend $4.65 million on this kind of work this year, if council approves.

But Don asks a simple question: "How far is that going to go for streets?"

Right now, the city is still working on that plan so we can't answer that.

On Oakwood at Upton close, to downtown, more issues; patches on top of patches and a bumpy ride.

Crews have worked Oakwood, but maybe it needs more attention this year.

Along with fixing roads. Oakwood could use sidewalk repair. The city hasn't fixed sidewalks in years because it hasn't had the money. However, this year, the proposal is nearly $860,000 to fix sidewalks. The only issue is, you could be assessed if they fix part of the sidewalk that's your responsibility."

And then there's California at Bennet.

This street needs sidewalk work, as well. But what is interesting is, California on the other side of Bennet looks great; new pavement, new curbs.

On this side, quick fixes.

Frank Hornik hopes that changes, telling 13abc reporter Bill Hormann, "I hope they spend that $4 million well and I hope it goes to this particular street."

Once council approves the road money, the city will present a list of roads to fix. And once that's approved, work can begin.

The city hopes to start by early Spring.

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