Some Parents outraged after Whitmer Threat

TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - Some Whitmer students were not in school today because of a possible school threat.

Late last night the Superintendent of Whitmer school sent a tweet saying that the situation had been handled but parents say they were left in the dark.

According to a Toledo Police report, the Whitmer student made a reference to Columbine on his facebook page.

The report states, "He wrote if i shot up the school in the hallway at Whitmer with the prints while people are going to the buses, my k-d would be 107-1. my death being suicide"

Students on social media said it was a joke, but police and many parents are taking it seriously.

The student has been suspended and the case will be forwarded to the juvenile prosecutors office.

Four additional students have been disciplined and taken for questioning in regard to the social media threats over the weekend

The four students face possible charges with the Toledo Police Department for the involvement in the original post.

Kristine Martin, Whitmer High School principal, says, “We have taken this matter seriously and will continue to take necessary measures to ensure the safety of our students.”