State to inspect Perrysburg facility evicting senior citizens

PERRYSBURG (13abc Action News) - There’s new information into those senior citizens being thrown out of a Perrysburg apartment building. The 13abc I-Team has now learned the state of Ohio is coming in for an inspection in just over two weeks.

July 27th is now the date to watch. That is when the Ohio Housing Finance Agency will be coming to Perrysburg earlier than they had planned for an inspection that was going to happen at some point this year.

All the problems happening at the Harbor Town Senior residences in Perrysburg on State Route 25 near Roachton road.

As the 13abc I-Team reported Monday, several residents have received notices that they need to vacate immediately because they are over the income limit to live there. This property gets low income tax credits form the federal government.

The I-Team talked with the executive director of the Ohio Housing Finance agency, they administer the tax credit. His name is Sean Thomas. Thomas says he's aware of 9 residents affected by this, one he says has received an eviction notice. Thomas says they'll inspect on July 27th to look at the files to get that income verification. He calls issues like this a very rare occurrence.

So are these evictions legal? Thomas tells the I-Team it really depends on the lease and he's not seen the leases yet.

The I-Team called the owners of the facility, Miller Valentine, again on Tuesday. We once again received no call back.

We'll stay on top of this and hopefully get more answers soon.