Stray dog found with horrific injury recovering at Toledo Area Humane Society

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MAUMEE (13abc Action News) - A disturbing case of animal cruelty. A stray dog was found with a serious injury to his neck The dog was picked up by Lucas County Canine Care and Control earlier this week. He was treated for the wound immediately, and then transferred to the Toledo Area Humane Society. We want to warn you that some of the video of the dog is graphic.

At first glance he may seem like any other dog, but a closer look shows the horror of what this dog has been through.Stephen Heaven is the President and CEO of the Toledo Area Humane Society,"It's been a long time since I have seen a gaping wound like that. "

Dr. Anna Brown is the Senior Staff Vet at the shelter,"His injury is severe. It is pretty traumatic to the tissues in the neck. You've got the jugular and corroded arteries in the area."

Heaven believes the injury is from a collar, "It would appear this injury took some time to get to this state. It looks like it was an embedded collar, and it takes weeks or months to get to that state."

The wound is infected, so the dog is getting anti-biotics. Dr. Brown says there is more treatment ahead, "There will be additional surgeries down the road. After we let it heal we will get things closed up which will and give him a more normal appearance.He has been a very good boy about all the treatment."

Dr. Brown expects the injury to take about six weeks to heal. The dog will go into a foster home during that time, "He seems to be comfortable. He is acting bright. He is eating and drinking well. He is enjoying all the attention. He is friendly with everyone and he loves taking walks. It's just a matter of time."

After a contest, the dog was named Baldwin Thursday. The person who submitted the name says it means brave friend in German.
Heaven says the name is perfect,"He's very bouncy, very lively. You certainly wouldn't know that he had that injury."

While cases like this are tough on the staff, Dr. Brown says this is exactly why she works in shelter medicine, "Everyday here I never know what to expect. But I always leave knowing that things are better than they were when I got here." That is certainly the case for Baldwin.

Cruelty investigators at the Humane Society are looking for any information about this case. At this point, they don't have a lot to go on. Whoever is responsible for Baldwin's injury could possibly be facing animal cruelty charges.

If you have any information call the shelter at (419) 891-0705. We've posted a link as well.