Students pose with Confederate flag outside of Springfield High School

HOLLAND, Ohio (13abc Action News) - There's outrage within the Springfield Local Schools community after a handful of Springfield students posed with a Confederate flag outside of the school and posted pictures on Snapchat.

School Officials say a christian youth group called Young Life was hosting a country themed event for kids when a few students went outside and posed and took pictures with the Confederate flag.

According to Young Life's website, Young Life is a multicultural ministry, focused on kids in diverse cultural communities and those in economically-depressed areas. District officials say once group leaders were made aware of what was going on outside they told the students to come back inside. A Snap Chat video and pictures have been floating around Facebook showing the entire incident.

Springfield Superintendent Matt Geha calls the situation "saddening." He says Springfield will not tolerate this type of behavior. District officials are still investigating and looking into punishing the students.

Geha says he hopes to use this situation to educate the student body on how how their vocabulary and actions hurt other people.

He says "Consequences are always a part of education, but we want to put some education in there too, what can we do to work with a child, to not just give a consequence, but to let them know what occurred what happened is not welcomed here." Geha adds that after today the district has a lot of work to do.