TPD Police chief speaks out about murders

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) Detectives continue to look for a motive in the killings of two teenage boys. Toledo's police chief speaks out.

He says investigators are checking to see if the bullets removed from 16 year old Todd Davis came from the same gun.

"If you compare the same time period to this year to last year our shootings are down 18 percent. I'm not sugar coating anything. Our homicides are up. Overall the gun violence is down in Toledo," said Toledo police chief George Kral.

Toledo recorded three murders in a short period of time. Two of them were teenagers. Police are investigating if it's gang related.

"We are looking at everything right now. It's still to early to say it's a gang retaliation or if it's a gang war. We are looking at every aspect and it's just too early for me to say either way what was the motive for this," said Chief Kral.

He's talking about the murder of 16 year old Todd Davis. He was found propped up against this garage shot to death multiple times. The coroner says the teen was shot ten times with three additional graze wounds. Most of the shots were to his lower body and two were to his chest. TPD has no suspect. The chief has a stern message for the shooter.

"I'm telling you do not bring a gun out on the street because we are going to find you," said Chief Kral.

Police are also still looking for the person who shot and killed 18 year old Treyvon Warren. He was shot while sitting in the front seat of a car.
It happened in the 2400 block of Trenton. It's the same area where TPD experienced a series of retaliation shootings last year involving the Hopings family. Reporter Alexis Means asked the chief if Warrens death has any connection.

"Again that might be just a big coincidence or it may be involved. Again when we start connecting the dots and we have more information we'll be coming back to you and your viewers and letting them know what's going on," said Chief Kral.

The chief says his officers are taking extra trips around the neighborhood.

"We are out there more, but we're not abandoning the rest of the city. We know where the gang violence is, we know where the gang members live, and we are making sure our gang task force are out in force," said Chief Kral.