TPS superintendent delivers "State of the District"

TOLEDO, Oh (WTVG) - Toledo Public Schools are no stranger to hard times.

"At one point in time, we had to cut $100 million out of our budget due to not being able to pass a levy for 15 to 16 years," said Dr. Romules Durant, superintendent at Toledo Public Schools. "We had to completely cut athletics, programs academic-wise and busing for the high schools."

But these days, Durant says, are much different.

"We're going to continue to make progress."

Inside of the Scott High School auditorium Wednesday night, he talked to families about what's in store for the district. He also acknowledged that there are still plenty of challenges, from failing state grades to students coming into kindergarten already needing intense intervention.

"I think one of the aspects that surprised the city is that TPS had the highest percentage of homelessness in the state of Ohio," Durant said.

But they're all issues that he says the district is ready to tackle.

Many parents say they see the work being done first hand as graduation rates improve and more career tech opportunities are made available for students.

"The teachers and staff members; you couldn't ask for anything better," Jennifer Assaad, a TPS parent said.

Assaad is a product of the school system and her daughter will be too. She says thanks to the hard work of district leaders, her third grader is flourishing.

"You can't buy that. You can't get that anywhere else. It's coming from a Toledo Public School," she said.

District leaders hope people keep that progress in mind as they head to the polls in November.

Durant says the approval of the renewal levy is a small price to pay for quality education.