Toledo Public Schools kicks off 2017 levy campaign

TOLEDO, Oh (WTVG) - Toledo Public Schools are going to the voters. This year, district leaders are asking taxpayers to approve a levy renewal this November.

"Without the community support we would not be able to do the things that we do for our students," Chris Varwig, TPS board president said.

Voters will see the 6.5 mill renewal on the ballot. It will raise around $13 million a year for 5 years; costing the owner of a $100,000 home about $178 a year.

"It's just really important that the community get behind this and support this," Varwig said. "I can't say this enough: it's a renewal only. No new money at all."

But this levy campaign kickoff comes at an interesting time for the district, just one day before the state report cards are released.

Specifics are unknown right now, but there is hope.

"The community will see that we're making progress," Jim Gault, Executive Transformational Leader of Curriculum at TPS said.

Last year, Toledo's grades were mixed, leaders say, leaving room for improvement.

"I think we're going to show growth. The grades are not where we want them to be, overall, but that's the challenge we have with urban education," says Gault.

Still, there is a sense of confidence. TPS supporters say that change is happening.

"The support of levies really allow our schools to be able to do this work and be able to continue to grow and support these students," Dr. Romules Durant, TPS Superintendent said.

Only time will tell how or if the grades will impact the campaign.

Report cards will be released Thursday morning.