Toledo man charged with murder and kidnapping pleads not guilty

Wauseon (13abc Action News) - A Toledo man who's charged with murder and kidnapping was arraigned in Fulton county today. 27-year-old James Ramey is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend Amanda Mangas. He's also charged with kidnapping their young son and Amanda's stepmother.

A Fulton county grand jury indicted Ramey on 22 counts earlier this week. Ramey plead not guilty at the Fulton County Courthouse Thursday to all 22 counts.

Police say Ramey shot and killed Amanda Mangas at her father's home in Delta on March 14th.Amanda's family and friends were in the courtroom for the arraignment. The charges against Ramey include aggravated murder, murder, attempted murder, aggravated burglary, abduction and kidnapping. At Thursday's arraignment, Judge Jeffrey Robinson reviewed each count.

Ramey's attorney David Klucas wouldn't talk specifics, but did say this about his client."He understood what was going on today, when the judge asked him questions he answered appropriately. That's about all I can tell you."

Police say after killing Amanda, Ramey kidnapped their 10-month-old son Winston along with Amanda's stepmother Debra. They were all found in Indiana several hours later. Winston and Debra were not hurt.

Prosecutors say they plan to seek the death penalty if Ramey is convicted. Ramey's attorney says he's handled more than a dozen death penalty cases. As for whether or not the death penalty will stay on the table going forward,Klucas says "It's just so early that any sort of a prediction would be an exercise in conjuncture, I have no idea. I am going to approach it as if it's not. That's the only way I can, because as of now it has not gone away."

Ramey's bond was initially set at one million dollars and that will continue, "I believe it was set in county court and that is not uncommon for it to transfer over when there's an indictment. It certainly seems to be a sufficient amount."

A pre-trial hearing for Ramey is scheduled for June 21st. As of right now his trial has been set for March of 2018. The judge says he expects the trial to last for several weeks.