Two dogs from the Middle East settling into their new home in Bowling Green

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BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (13abc Action News) - An update to a story we first brought you on Friday. Two dogs from the Middle East are settling in to their new life here in northwest Ohio.
Bea and Toro were rescued from Qatar. After more than a day of traveling, they arrived at the Wood County Humane Society Monday afternoon.

The trip included a 15-hour plane ride from Qatar to Chicago, and then a 5-hour car ride from Chicago to BG. Bea and Toro are beginning a new chapter in Bowling Green. April McCurdy is the Behavior and Training Coordinator at the shelter, "When they got out of the car they acted like nothing was wrong. They acted like they've always been here."

The two were found without any food or water in the desert. They were rescued by good Samaritans and taken to safety. April says they seem to have already forgotten their rough start in life, "Considering everything they went through it's amazing to see how happy, healthy and well-behaved these dogs are. When we pulled out a few toys, they were wagging their tails, and running around and playing with them. It was wonderful to see, "

The dogs came to the Wood County Humane Society through the rescue group Gulf Canine Connection. They're among 50 dogs brought to the us by the group so far this year. Once the BG shelter agreed to take them in, the two were put in quarantine. After clearing that process,they were on their way to America. Robyn Marrufo was part of the effort to get them to BG,"The fact that a lot of people connected to help them escape that life it's pretty amazing. This story is a great example of what you can accomplish through team work.'

Robyn and her son volunteered to help get the dogs from Chicago to Toledo. They picked them up in South Bend, Indiana this morning, "They were the simplest transport we've ever done, dog or cat. They were so quiet and lovable."

Robyn says the dogs seemed to be amazed by their new surroundings, "They were transfixed by the grass, they were wanting to eat leaves. They were rolling on the cement sidewalk. They were taking everything in and acting like this is cool, this is no big deal."

Even though they've only been at the shelter for a few hours, it looks like Bea and Toro are well on their way to a well-deserved happy ending, "I hope they have long, happy and healthy lives. I think they will show incredible amounts of love to the people who adopt them."

After settling in, Bea and Toro will be checked over by the vet at the shelter. They will also be fixed, and they should be ready to go up for adoption sometime next week. While Bea and Toro can be adopted together , they are able to go to separate homes.

Shelter leaders say if you can't adopt these two, there are lots of other wonderful dogs looking for forever homes.