UPDATE: Controversy continues at Woodsmore Apartments

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - Apartment controversy continues at the Woodsmore Apartments in Toledo.

Tenants told 13abc they are being forced out of their apartments for talking to the media when a tree limb fell on three vehicles and damaged them.

The owner Sean Harb of Harb Estate Management said what they are saying about him isn't true. Harb said people are receiving eviction notices because they didn't pay rent and some are not abiding by the leasing contract.

Harb wants Cody Russell out because he's not on anyone's lease.

Russell spoke with 13abc Wednesday, June 28th the evening the tree fell.

"With everything that goes on around here, nothing gets done," said Russell.

Harb told 13abc the day after the tree limb fell that it would be cleaned up the next afternoon, and it was.

A tenant said the owner is good in his books.

"I thought I would come out here and set it straight," said Shaun Johnson. "He's been fine with me."

Johnson said for the last six or seven years and up until just recently he's had no issues with Harb.

"The tree came down and three cars got hit," added Johnson. "He has been doing everything he can to help these guys as far as I know."

The owner said he has everything documented and will take it to court if he has to.