Village of Ottawa sees "moderate" flooding after recent rounds of heavy rain

OTTAWA, Ohio (13abc Action News) - Closed roads, water pumps working overtime and homes surrounded by water.

It's something you saw virtually everywhere Saturday in the western part of Ottawa.

"There's just so much water there's nowhere for it to go," said resident Amanda Rhue.

She says her basement quickly filled with a foot of water all thanks to the overflowing Blanchard River, which measured more than four feet over flood stage.

"The sump pump has been running every couple of minutes," said Rhue. "You can hear it kick on and off. Then the sinks gurgle and everything else."

With the flooding creating a growing list of problems, Rhue says she's trying to see the best in it all with water flowing down her street instead of the normal traffic.

"It's kind of nice being quiet, but not really worth it when we have to go through this crap just to get that peace and quiet for a couple days," said Rhue.

The high waters even silenced the normally busy intersection of routes 224 and 65. Ottawa police were even handing out tickets to drivers who ignored the closed road signs.

In another part of town, John Leap and his wife dodged the high water as it stopped at their curb.

"That's life down on this end of town," said Leap. "We're just waiting for it to go down. That's all you can do."

During the flood of 2007 the couple says they measured eight inches of water in their home.

This time they're measuring the water line with a screwdriver stuck in his yard.

"[I've] got my little screwdriver out along the driveway," said Leap. "[It's] my eleven o'clock marker and it's been hanging there all day."

With water levels expected to return to normal by Wednesday, people in Ottawa say all they can do now is wait until the clean up process can begin.