Waste Management leaves dumpster blocking garage

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - Many people grew up with their parents telling them to put something back where it came from.

That's what one man is wishing a Waste Management employee would have done with a dumpster that was left in front of his garage.

Clifford Cargile said, "I can count three times where I had complications, but it's been more than that where it's not even up against the wall."

Cargile said one time he didn't notice it was so close to his garage that he pulled out and it knocked off his mirror. Cargile said he called and complained. He told 13abc he was supposed to be reimbursed.

"I called them back and now they're acting like they never said they would pay for the mirror," added Cargile.

On Monday, 13abc's Brigette Burnett called the Lucas County Commissioner, his district's city councilwoman, and the county's sanitary engineer on Cargile's behalf. Burnett received two returned phone calls. The county administrator said she called at least three people and got no where with Waste Management.

The sanitary engineer told 13abc it's a private hauler.

Many people trying to reach someone to move the dumpster found out there is no after hours number for Waste Management.

"It's like a 'F' me type thing. Like they saying 'F' me," Cargile added.

He told Burnett the dumpster was moved sometime late Monday night or early Tuesday morning.