Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger Quotes

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On the drive before the end of the half:
“Huge. We went to a four wide receiver, one tight end set. We were throwing the ball trying to create a mismatch on the backside with AB (WR Antonio Brown) and (WR) JuJu (Smith-Schuster). That’s big coming into halftime and putting points on the board, with the opportunity to get another set on the way out. Even though we didn’t do it, we at least gave ourselves the chance for it.”

On finding a rhythm with all the penalties:
“We stopped ourselves a lot, but give them credit. They’re a good defense. It’s fun to come to Cleveland and see the sun, warmth and a packed house. I enjoyed the Dawg Pound’s new wall down there. It was neat to see. We give them credit, they’re a good defense, got after us and showed a lot of confusing stuff. We got penalized and kicked our own butts a little bit.”

On the lack of a running game:
“We were very successful when we threw the ball and they’re just a very good defense. It’s the first game and we’ll take a win in the AFC North any way we can get it.”

On Browns QB DeShone Kizer’s debut performance:
“We’re both from northwest Ohio, both wear number seven. I thought he played a great game. He did some great things against a defense that gets after it, but I told him afterword, “what an awesome start.” I know it’s not getting a win, but just to play the way he did, I was proud of him.”

On his trust with WR Antonio Brown:
“It’s not our first rodeo. You know, I see AB (WR Antonio Brown) going, I’m going to take that shot. I’ve got all the trust in the world in him and he’s got it in me. I don’t think there are any two guys that work together like him and I do, so it’s fun to watch him play and be on the same team with him.”

On his rookie debut:
“It was in a hurricane. We should send our thoughts and prayers to those impacted by both Harvey and Irma. We were down in Florida (in 2004) and had to postpone the game a day because of the hurricane. The elements weren’t great. He (QB DeShone Kizer) played much better than I did, but I got the win.”