Extreme Weight Loss Challenge

Extreme Weight Loss Challenge

Extreme Challengers race through their final challenge

Robert Frederick grabs Extreme Weight Loss Champ Trophy

Extreme Challengers down to top 5

Extreme Turkey Wraps under 500 calories

Extreme Top 10 take on the Booty Busting Challenge at Super Fitness

Extreme Challengers go on a field trip to Genesis Village

Extreme Challengers take on SKYZONE Trampoline Park

Extreme Stuffed Mushrooms under 500 calories

Extreme Skinny Pizza under 500 calories

2016-17 Extreme Challengers take on Splash Universe

Include the kiddos in your Extreme Workout

Extreme Baked Salmon

Extreme Challengers carry and donate over 3,000 pounds of food to local pantry

Extreme Trainer Tip: Simple Things

Taking the first Extreme Step is the hardest

Imagination Station Results

Extreme Zucchini Family Style Pasta under 500 calories

Extreme Challengers take on Imagination Station

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April Top 10

TOP 10 LBs. Lost% LostW/O 3/7Chal. 3/11E.C. 3/11E.C. 3/16E.C. totalTotal
GaryReno4.61.612 145.6

February Top 10

TOP 10 LBs. Lost% LostW/O 1/3Chal. 1/7E.C. 1/19E.C. totalTotal % (+) E.C.
BauerJames114.3313 48.33
HyttenhoveLarry175.75 2 27.75
BarnettBrian124.04 2137.04
MortemoreLarry7.63.4812.5 3.56.98
HendersonMark93.48 2136.48
Sky ZoneTime
Ellen Devaughn5:10
Becca Paden5:48
Kelli Keel6:22
Nakita McDonald6:45
Jason Cummings6:47
James Bauer6:49
Andrea Gosden6:50
Katie Watts6:53
Jen Bickford7:00
Larry Mortemore7:07
Robert Frederick7:22
Tina Carter7:24
Beth Martin7:43
Mark Henderson7:49
Joyce Bower7:50
Anna Flathman8:24
Gary Reno8:27
Tonia Bollenbacher8:34
Kyle Williams9:10
Maggie Hagan9:29
Deborah Young9:33
Melissa Albright9:38
Sarah Guobadia10:01
Aimee Fitzgerald10:10
Julie Schwartzkopf10:56
Derek Piligrim11:29
Brian Barnett12:41
Amber Cummings14:40
Todd Dixon 
Brandy Gosden 
Janet Short

Group Workout Schedule

North (Alexis & Telegraph)
8:30 am Total Body Sculpt
6:00 pm Water Aerobics
6:00 pm Cardio Drumming

South (Dorr & Reynolds)
8:30 am Yoga
6:00 pm Step & Sculpt

Held the 1st Tuesday of every month
November 1,2016
December 6, 2016
January 3, 2017
February 7, 2017
March 7, 2017
April 4, 2017
May 2, 2017

2015 Extreme Challenge