Start teacher accused of romantic relationship with female student

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Toledo (13abc Action News) - Toledo police are investigation a former Start high school teacher accused of having an affair with a student. We first reported this story on Wednesday. Tonight school leaders are speaking out.

A Start high school teacher was abruptly removed from the school for allegedly violating the rules. She's accused of having a romantic relationship with a female student. The claims came to light on Tuesday. The principal took immediate action.

"He received a tip from someone and he began an investigation after contacting human resources," said TPS assistant superintendent Brian Murphy.

13abc obtained a copy of the suspension letter sent to the English teacher. School administrators say they felt they had enough evidence to charge her internally for violating school rules. The teacher turned in this one line resignation letter.

"Once we conclude the investigation we will send information to the Ohio Department of Education who will then do their own investigation as well. So the teacher will not be help harmless just because the teacher resigned from the distract," said Murphy.

13abc reviewed her personnel file. It appears she was never disciplined. TPD was also notified of the possible sex crime. Citizens hope the unnamed teacher is innocent.

"Hopefully it's not what it is" said Toledoan Juan Huerta.

"It's just really surprising that teachers take that oath to teach young kids about their future and they do that to you and it shows a bad example for everybody," said Toledo Jessica Lenble.

According to school documents the now former teacher is banned from contacting any student in the district by phone, text, letter or any other social media outlet.

Lucas County Children Services is also investigating what happened between the teacher and the student.

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