Grandma scam almost victimizes Michigan woman

Medical marijuana dispensary licenses announced

Fiat Chrysler narrowing in on pool of vehicles after 3 fires

Jeep fire Monday morning is not the first one this month

I-Team Investigation: New piece of Toledo's Waterfront

Scam Survivor: Warranty offer for car that doesn't exist

I-Team Investigation: Hidden danger for firefighters

Family: Missing Clyde woman found dead in Findlay

I-Team Investigation: Violence against women

Changes could be coming to regional water agreement

Major changes coming to Tamaron Country Club

Mystery after massive 24,000 mile USPS mix-up

Local connection exists between Florida collapsed bridge and Toledo

Scam Survivor: Facebook scam can cost you thousands

I-Team Gets Answers: Fire inspections and new Turnpike signs

I-Team Investigation: In the Nick of Time

Junkie Hunters Part 2: Local Lawmakers Step In

Junkie Hunters: The Price of Pain

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