Defense wraps case; Joughin murder case heads to jury

Worley defense rests its case in the Sierah Joughin murder trial

Judge sentences Brian Golsby to life without parole in Reagan Tokes murder case

Prosecution rests in Sierah Joughin murder case

Day 7 of testimony in the James Worley Capital Murder Case

Testimony reveals mix-up for investigators in Joughin investigation

Prosecution builds Sierah Joughin murder case

Trial of James Worley continues Friday

Judge allows 5 women to testify in Cosby retrial

Investigators take painstaking measures in Sierah Joughin case

Friend testifies to smoking pot and watching porn with James Worley

Ohio Supreme Court to hear Toledo traffic camera arguments

Shkreli gets 7 years

Worley trial breaks until Monday

Potential jurors screened in Worley trial

Jury selection begins in Sierah Joughin murder case

Board recommends clemency for man sentenced to death for 1986 murder of two Toledo women

Prosecutors in Bill Cosby retrial want 19 women to testify

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