Former divers sue USA Diving after alleged sexual abuse

Ohio lawmakers considers "second chance" sexting bill

Former Troy Twp. firefighter indicted on charges involving alleged sex acts with children

Suspects accused in sexual assault of BG teens indicted by grand jury

Man arrested in Ohio after car accident in Arizona killed 4

President ready to reveal Supreme Court nominee

Youth key factor in Trump search for Kennedy replacement

Could Roberts become swing vote on Supreme Court?

Former Washington Local Schools Superintendent sentenced to one year in jail

University of Notre Dame sued over birth control policies

Man charged with shooting officer during raid found guilty

Board denies clemency for Tom Noe

Notice of appeal filed for Sierah Joughin's killer

Confessed killer who wants freed after 20 years due in court in July

Ex-trooper pleads guilty in Ohio drug trafficking ring

David Copperfield found negligent for fan injured during show

Ohio bill would shift courts away from requiring cash bail

Uber driver sentenced for sexual assault of passenger

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