100 Gas Tanks: Spanish extremeists planned massive assault

Spanish police kill 5 in resort hours after Barcelona attack

Barcelona terror attack

Attacker rams van into Barcelona crowd, 13 dead and 100 hurt

Tree crashes down during festival, killing 12

Britain's Big Ben to go silent

World’s oldest man, a Holocaust survivor, dies at 113

North Korea still mastering how to deliver a nuke to US

Vehicle hits soldiers in Paris suburb, injuring 6

Strong quake strikes southwest China, killing at least 5

No explosives found in car halted by Brussels police

Pres. Trump warns NKorea of 'fire and fury'

UN imposes tough new sanctions on North Korea

Son of Mexico drug cartel figure indicted on U.S. drug charges

France's Macron sees popularity shrink

Shirtless Putin on vacation

Pentagon: 2 U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan blast

U.S. prosecutors will help addiction-ravaged cities

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