Raccoon jumps on moving police van, takes a ride

Indiana farmer plants corn maze tribute to Carrie Fisher

Cleveland hosts beer collectibles CANvention

Tiny shed drifts out to sea

Man accused of smuggling king cobras in potato chip cans

Ring from Class of 1965 found

Phelps loses race to shark

Man drops phone, falls in trash shute

Woman finds live Civil War-era shells in her office

Is there a beach whale at Paris' Notre Dame?

Doctors find 27 contact lens in woman's eye

Eels slime highway

Robber, victim now pals

Speeding man had alien doll passenger

20 pound lobster found in airport luggage

Man buries son only to find he's still alive

Ken doll gets cornrows, beefy bod and new skin tones

Hidden Nazi artifacts found in Argentina

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